Salty, sweet, sour, and spicy—the flavors of Thailand will keep your taste buds guessing.

If you haven’t found the time to take that exotic backpacking journey around Thailand, never fear. You can sample a true Thai adventure, courtesy of your taste buds, in the comfort of Mint Thai Restaurant or in the comfort of your home if you choose to order to go. Once you get hooked on the flavors of Min Thai cuisine, there’s no turning back.

What’s not to like? There’s sweet, there’s salty, there’s hot—it has all the great food elements.  American food puts things together that taste similar, while the flavors of Southeast Asia tend to be different flavors at the same time and not all combined to make one homogenous flavor. It’s like beef stew compared with yum kai dao [a fried-egg salad], where separate elements are all brought together—protein, bright lime, salty fish sauce, hot chilies, onions, cool lettuce—all happening in one place. It’s about bright, disparate flavors in one dish. An adventure for your imagination and taste buds!


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